Underground Waste System
The New Generation

The underground waste system is a modular solution offering flexible and efficient waste collection. Our experience can help you - OTTO's underground waste system has already been installed successfully in many countries around Europe. The experience gained from the existing projects offers you the best possible reassurance that your requirements will be met.

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Quality of life

�e attractive streetscene
宯btrusive positioning
�e space for pedestrians
⥣eptacle apertures at an optimised   height
௴ential for vandalism reduced
宰leasant odours minimised
쥳s noise pollution

沥edom in planning concepts for   architects and planners
�ular design
簾ers Ჲier䯠fly-tipping
ᶡilable for round the clock use
ﰴional access control
穤e choice of colours and paint effects

㨡nge to bring system reduces costs
㯭patible with existing waste logistic   systems
㡮 be emptied by a one-man operation
橬l level of containers can be monitored   and optimised
쯷 levels of maintenance required
橲e risk for paper and textile collection   minimised
帰erienced technology offers reliable   functioning
᮴i-corrosive galvanised finish
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